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Polarion Jenkins/Hudson Connector

PJ Connector allows you to integrate Jenkins/Hudson and Polarion.

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PJ main features:

  • a Polarion workflow function to trigger a Jenkins job;
  • a Jenkins/Hudson Post Build Task to notify Polarion about job result;
  • automated Jenkins test results imported as Polarion Test Runs.
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PJ supports two scenarios of integration:



To install polarion2jenkins:

Unzip the file Polarion/polarion2jenkins-1.01.zip in the “plugins” directory of the Polarion installation (under <Polarion Installation>/polarion/plugins)
Copy the license file “pj-license-polarion.xml” received by email in <Polarion Installation>/polarion/license
Restart Polarion

To install jenkins2polarion:

Upload the file Jenkins/JenkinsToPolarion.hpi on Jenkins as shown in the “Installation and Configuration Guide”
Restart Jenkins
Copy the license file “pj-license-jenkins.xml” received by email in $JENKINS_HOME/plugins/JenkinsToPolarion

System Requirements

Polarion and Jenkins installations.

PJ is compatible with
– Polarion ALM 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 – Jenkins 1.510, Jenkins 2* – Hudson 3.0.1

*in case you have Jenkins 2 go to “Manage Jenkins” > “Configure Global Security” and remove the check from “Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery exploits.”

To get support feel free to contact Emerasoft at connectors@emerasoft.com.

PJ features presentation (min. 21:20-38:00)

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