Due to the increasingly importance of software applications in products, the integration between ALM and PLM has become fundamental.

Thanks to our long experience in in-house embedded software development for highly innovative products, we provide Companies the right tools and professional services to integrate ALM and PLM to best suit their needs.

The integration of ALM and PLM can provide:

  • the full system governance through a unified requirements and change management platform;
  • full tracebility of hardware and software product requirements from the original product concept through design up to testing and validation;
  • an integrated bill of materials combining hardware and software components;
  • scalable tracking and management of defects and changes at each process stage;
  • wide collaboration through the hardware and software development teams.


The customer: a big Italian-American group manufacturing agricultural and construction equipment, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, and special vehicles.

Initial situation: ALM and PLM are two siloed processes. PLM is the «backbone», used to manage the whole vehicle development process, the vehicle structure and its parts. ALM manages the development process of the software and electronic system of each item.

Problems: The lack of a structured link between the ALM and PLM processes means data duplication in the two systems and a difficult information retrieval. Information are exchanged through e-mails, phone calls and meetings, which not facilitate the team collaboration and the data traceability. The lack of interaction between the two systems doesn’t allow the changes syncronization and therefore a cross change management.


  • Synchronization of data between the ALM and PLM systems to understand how many changes in product structure impact the electronic systems and how many changes in electronic systems impact the PLM structure;
  • the data sharing between the two processes through links and references in order to avoid data duplication;
  • the publication of the ALM releases into the PLM process, such as the link between an ALM baseline and a specific product part number managed in PLM.

Solution: The solution has been the convergence between ALM and PLM systems.

Benefits: The ALM-PLM integration provided a unique process management, able to deliver traceability, integrated collaboration; manage impact analysis and change management; it allow the reuse of items, such as the electronic system.


Emerasoft has collected a consistent experience in optimizing the project effort in PLM-ALM projects by supplying the following services and products:

– Place side by side with customer to understand strategic goals;
– Assessment: Analysis of the Environement and evaluation of actual processes;
– Collection of requirements for integration;
– Solution to support customers’ use cases;
– Process Evaluation and Methodology evaluation in the new perspective view;
– Agile and collaborative Development with the PLM team;
– Change orchestration (feasibility study and impact analysis);
– Proof of Concept: rollout and iterations, Pilot project;
– Tools for PLM-ALM integration;
– Tools for Requirements Management;
– Production: Training and Support.


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